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Our restaurant is located in the heart of the dock yards, exactly in Via Paolo Savi, a stretch of road a little hidden but full of small activities' historic...

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The fish, the master of the house! Strictly fresh, we buy fish from local fishermen and fisheries so as to arrive at the table all the taste of freshly caught fish ...

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An eye on the "drink", right accompaniment for lunch or dinner at our restaurant, whether you eat fish or pick out a tasty pizza ...

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The local seen from inside, some photographs to show you our room and our host ...

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Our Cuisine:

We live in the world and for the world of catering since 20 years, trying to create, giving the maximum and to do our best torealize genuine food and also respectful of Viareggina and Lucan 's tradition.
Here you will find delicious dishes of fresh fish, from the first to the main courses... but also a wonderful steak cooked in wood and, thanks to the passion and dedication to this type of cuisine, you will also find the famous pizzas cooked in wood and the famous pepper "Crusco."

Our entrees are generally composed of six samples, but in addition you can also choose among other special dishes such as "soup warm sea", "octopus salad, potatoes, arugula and pine nuts" or the famous "stuffed mussels" very popular with our customers and the recipe is a family tradition for us, just think that the chef Othello does not reveal to anyone the recipe handed down to him from her grandmother!

First Courses
The First courses born from simple preparations, and perhaps for some palate may seem a little worked, but we are very keen to keep the taste of the raw material that we use!

Main Courses
For main courses the freshness of seafood is a must! The " fried Fish at Viareggio's way", anchovies in many ways, such as marinated anchovies, or "at Malbacco Seravezza's way" ; mixed grill cooked in our wood-burning oven.
We like to discover the variety of bluefish that many people tend to underestimate such as "horse mackerel", the "ciortoni", the "scabbard", the "bonito", the "frigate", and so on.
Of course, the variety and availability of fish depends on the periods and sea conditions.

The dessert: almost all homemade, are the perfect "happy ending" to close the evening: Tiramisu ', ricotta cake with pine nuts and chocolate drops, chocolate mousse, mousse limoncello (in summer), and so on ... we have something for everyone!



antipasti di pesce fresco

Semplici ma curati, con particolare attenzione alla tradizione


primi di pesce

Nei primi cerchiamo l'esaltazione del gusto della materia prima, senza troppi artifici.

Secondi di Pesce:

secondi di pesce fresco

Il pesce, rigorosamente freschissimo, in tutte le sue varianti

Bistecca al Forno:

bistecca cotto al forno

La bistecca cotta alla viva fiamma del nostro forno a legna ad esaltarne il sapore..


pizze al forno a legna

Pasta fatta in casa con i migliori lieviti naturali, stesa a mano e cotta nel forno a legna..


dessert fatti in casa

Quasi tutti fatti in casa: Tiramisu', torta di ricotta con pinoli e gocce di cioccolato, ecc..



Tante etichette, sia di bianchi, che di rossi che di vini da dessert per accompagnare i nostri piatti.



Oltre al caffè: rum e wiskey delle island, senza tralasciare le grappe e gli amari.